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Michael Repoulis


Michael Repoulis
Michael Repoulis was born in Athens, Greece, February 12, 1955.
From the age of eight he spent his childhood and teenage years in Johannesburg, South Africa.
At the age of eleven his first lessons on the guitar were given by an older cousin Vais.
Repoulis  soon began to write his own melodies and songs inspired by poetry.
Poetry and songwriting led him to continue more seriously by taking classical guitar lessons.
In 1974 at the age of 19 he moved with his family to Canada.
Continued studying at the Eli Kassner Guitar academy with Alan Torok and also at
the Royal Conservatory of Music, with Norbert Kraft and theory with Dr. Anthony Dawson.
Michael Repoulis has also written numerous Orchestral Works and String Quartets.
The styles he has been inspired by are historically by all the epochs of music starting from the archaic to the contemporary.
In his music he particularly likes to combine melody with dissonance, modulating and
syncopating contrasts.
Many of Repoulis compositions have been published worldwide and have been included
in the University of Toronto, UCLA, Berkeley, University of Cambridge libraries and the Library of Congress.
Michael Repoulis is now residing in Toronto where he continues to practice the art of composition.